Dhruv Rajan

Dhruv Rajan’s Performance Setlist

Instruments: Guitar, Banjo, Octave Mandolin, Flute

I’m hoping to perform the setlists below on solo guitar and banjo, perhaps at coffee shops or at farmers markets. These are solo arrangements of classic acoustic rock / folk songs, largely from the 70’s (Cat Stevens, Jethro Tull, Nic Jones), with some more recent selections (Tallest Man on Earth, Mumford and Sons).

I’ve linked recordings below in both video (YouTube) and audio (SoundCloud) format. Some of the SoundCloud recordings have multiple tracks and instruments, but I will be playing solo, so the videos are a more accurate representation of the performance.

Please see my Youtube Channel for my most recent covers.

I’m happy to work with you to restructure this setlist if helpful, add / remove songs to fit the performance better! Please let me know any thoughts you have to help me prepare for an enjoyable performance.

Please feel free to contact me at dhruv@krishnaprem.com or (650) 229-4572!

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Sample Setlists

Cat Stevens

Jethro Tull

Mumford and Sons

Nic Jones

Bonny Light Horseman

Tallest Man on Earth

Sarah Jarosz


Red Tail Ring

Paul Brady / Andy Irvine

Kate Rusby

Doiri Farell

John Hiatt / I'm With Her

Taylor Ashton

Jackson C. Frank


Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer

Billy Joel

Ruston Kelly


Townes Van Zandt

Tony Rice